Best Cygnett ‘New iPad’ cases revealed

Apple done the business yesterday and unveiled the latest iOS tablet in the form of the ‘New iPad’, not sure why Apple in their infinite wisdom opted for that ridiculous name, but I figure that once the ‘new iPad’ becomes old, it will still be ‘new’ in a sense. Anyway getting back to the point, if you are of a mind to pick up the ‘new iPad’ you just might fancy a ‘new iPad case’, as not to be left behind in the race to get accessories out for the latest iOS slate, Cygnett have now unveiled a range of ‘New iPad’ cases.

Cygnett have now unveiled four new cases for the ‘new iPad’ including the Alumni, which is the latest version of Cygnett’s best-selling fashion case, the Glam case for the new iPad, the Lavish case, Lavish Earth case and the new Lavish Connect case with removable Bluetooth keyboard.

The Alumni case for the new iPad is a hardwearing canvas fabric folio style case with an open and closing feature that wakes the new iPad from sleep, whilst hidden magnets keep the Alumni case securely closed when not in use. The Alumni case for the new iPad also features an inside pocket and is available in cobalt blue, black, hot pink and jade green, and commands a price tag of £34.95.

The Lavish and Lavish Earth cases are folio style cases double as stands that offer three angles of iPad viewing along with the hidden magnet closure and wake feature as found on the Alumni case. The Lavish case is available in black only whilst the Lavish Earth is available in sandstone and purple and costs £39.95.

The Lavish Connect case offers the same as the Lavish and Lavish Earth cases but also features a ‘super-thin’ 78-key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard with integrated stand, and is available in sandstone and black and commands a price tag of £69.95.

Then there is the Glam case for the new iOS tablet, a sleek folio style with a touch of glamour in as much as the case comes in a glossy patent leather and again doubles as a stand that offer three viewing angles, and of course those magnets and wake feature. The Glam case is available in glossy red or metallic silver and commands a price of £39.95.

We also have a couple of videos touting the Cygnett cases for your viewing consideration below so don’t forget to head on down and mash those play buttons.


3 thoughts on “Best Cygnett ‘New iPad’ cases revealed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate the way the case extends so far onto the iPad screen.  Better cases create a small lip, but not a huge covering like these — higher quality cases should be to market soon.

  2. Ashlydominique says:

    The name of the product is not “New Ipad” its just “Ipad”.
    Theyre calling it the same name the original Ipad was called since they no longer sell it anyway.

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