New Samsung Galaxy device US trademarks applied for

Well now it appears that old Samsung might have at least three new devices to add to their Galaxy range at some point in the future, as word is Sammy has been applying for trademarks on three devices in the United States, and all will be new smartphones.

According to the guys over at The Next Web by way of Fusible, back on the 2nd of this month, Samsung submitted trademark applications for the Samsung Galaxy Emerge with a serial number of 85558647 along with the Samsung Galaxy Halo with serial number 85558619, and the Samsung Galaxy Stellar with serial number 85558639.

These three new Sammy devices are obviously Galaxy class smartphones because each of the trio have been categorised as “Mobile Phone: Smartphones,” in the filing that was made with the USPTO.

Obviously there is no word on just what these three Galaxy class smartphones may offer or even if they actually exist at this time, as apparently old Sammy is in the habit of filing handset trademarks with previous trademarks including the Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Rite and Galaxy Heir smartphone just before Mobile World Congress.

However, gaining the trademarks does mean that Samsung can use those names for a smartphone at some point in the future if they desire to do so, so perhaps we will see the Emerge, Stellar and Halo surface at some point in the future.

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