iOS 5.1 provides easier drag access to camera

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 5.1, began rolling out two days ago and among the many benefits, one of the best is that it provides easier drag access to the iPhone camera from the lockscreen. Although this had already been simplified with iOS 5, the process has now become even quicker.

If you’re fortunate enough to have downloaded the upgrade to iOS 5.1 successfully (some are having problems) then you’ll be able to take advantage of this even faster method of accessing your iPhone camera straight away. In earlier days iPhone camera users had to first unlock their device, then find the Camera app and launch it before being able to shoot photos. After iOS 5 came along that was simplified and users could double-click the iPhone home button prompting a camera icon to appear next to the slide lock. Then that would access the Camera app for use.

After iOS 5.1 this access has stepped up and is even easier. As Cnet explains, users who hit the home or sleep/wake button once to see the slide unlock display, now see a permanent camera icon next to the slide at the bottom of the screen. Rather than a tap of the camera icon though (which will make the icon bounce) the user then simply has to drag the camera icon to the top of the display and the app will then automatically load ready to start snapping away.

We’ve embedded a video below this story that shows exactly how this works and it seems amazing to us that certain functions seem to get simpler with every update and that Apple keeps making inroads on this score. Also you may be interested in this article which highlights some more key features of iOS 5.1. Have you already updated to iOS 5.1 and if so what do you think of the new access to the Camera app?


3 thoughts on “iOS 5.1 provides easier drag access to camera”

  1. frustrated says:

    This has made things worse for me! I used to be able to take a photo quickly and now I cant.  I have a cover that protects the screen while allows access to the “unlock” strip (iSkin).  I could double clock in the camera icon with ease, but I can’t drag up the screen.  Frustrated!

  2. Bubbletfd says:

    This method is HORRIBLE. I have updated to ios5.1 and the ios5 method for camera access was MUCH quicker as it worked everytime. With this new swip open thing it takes 3 or 4 swipes to open the camera app. A step backwards.

  3. Movieman says:

    This is great. presto, changeo, with a flick of the finger, I have the camera ready to take a picture. This is 20 times faster than the old way ! Refinements are the making of a perfect machine.

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