Mastering iPhone photography with Photoshop CS 5

As smartphone cameras get better and more advanced, we find ourselves using our mobiles more and more to capture images, rather than reaching for our usual compact digital. But although our devices have the ability to take the perfect shot, not all of us have the ability to develop this into the picture that we were after.

This is where a new Photoserge video tutorial from Serge Ramelli steps in, providing seven lessons to enable you to master Photoshop basics. Ramelli, a French pioneer of HDR photography, found that many previous tutorials lacked key elements to Photoshop and decided to produce his own series. These are designed to teach the basics to those wishing to optimize their image retouching skills.

After mastering the software and providing years of successful tuition in French, Serge has brought his tutorials to iOS with the first English translation. Following the subjects, users can begin editing their images into what has been described as a real WOW factor.

Along with the application are some high-res images to help during the tutorials and capture the Serge look. With chapter one you can learn how to explore Camera Raw to gain the perfect quality Raw and Jpg files. In Chapter two, export for web and prints for your retouched photos are learnt. Chapter three sees the skills involved in blending and masking, helping with sky and background on portraits.

Moving on to chapter four, techniques in using Photoshop for black and white images are applied to enhance your artistic abilities. Chapter five addresses how to double convert a Raw file for exposure on foreground and background in your photos. Help with assembling panoramic photos are taught in chapter six, with the final chapter seven left to exporting and renaming retouched images.

To fulfill your Photoshop training program you will need an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.0 or later and 349 MB. Price for the Photoshop CS5 for Photographer Basic 1.0 is $4.99, and can be downloaded through iTunes, which seems like a bargain. Tell us if you think you would benefit from some Photoshop training?


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