WeatherBug v2.0 & Lite-Brite for Windows Phone

With so much interest surrounding Windows Phone, we thought we would show you a couple of new apps for the Windows Phone Marketplace. WeatherBug v2.0 and LiteBrite couldn’t be any more different, but both are using the Windows Phone backdrop as their selling points.

First up lets take a look at WeatherBug v2.0, which has been introduced as a separate app to update the previous version. Designed by Earth Networks, WeatherBug gives real-time customizable weather information, and is able to give super quick weather alerts and better forecasts via the largest global network.

Live Tiles with Live Cam views are backed up with detailed one-day forecasts, along with a two-day summary forecast. As WMPoweruser reports, the easy-to-read displays give quick glance, essential weather information whenever you need it.

Next up is the LiteBrite app for which brings the fun element of the classic Hasbro game to Windows Phone. Detailing your designs by using the colored pegs may seem a bit childish to some but it can be quite addictive, and a strange feeling of satisfaction can be had from lighting up the pegs to create your drawing.

Now while each app offers something different it shows how Windows Phone is growing within the smartphone market. Tell us what apps you would like to see on Windows Phone?

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