Windows 7 ITG XP Phone 2 creature reviewed

After missing their planned January unveil, we have been waiting for news on ITG’s latest smartphone and finally a working unit has been given the once over, so lets take a look at the Windows 7-powered, xpPhone 2.

Seen at its first public outing in Guangzhou, ITG flashed its demo version of the second-generation Windows 7 device. Not exactly slim line; Engadget compared it to a slightly overweight Nokia N8, measuring 17.5mm in thickness and packing a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 LCD multi-touch screen.

Power comes from an Intel Atom Z5xx processor capable of 2GHz with the possibility of 2GB Ram and 112GB of SSD. MicroSD expansion is available with the addition of a multipurpose HDMI Micro socket for all your video, audio and data needs. A 1.3MP forward facing camera provides webcam functionality, with a powerful loudspeaker installed in the rear.

Whilst looking at the back of the device we see a small monochrome LCD display, which can be used for basic phone functions, like caller number, this will eventually be able to display your text messages when the final version is released. Battery power is impressive from the massive 11.1Wh cell, although it has been said that the supposed 18 hour call time is only possible without firing up Windows.

The actual Windows application when accessed via the floating icon performs well and is pretty straightforward from here on in. It will be interesting to see the finished article when it finally gets released, but we will have to wait for a confirmed date. Can you see smartphones with this sort of power stealing some of the lesser tablets sales?


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