Android ICS update hitting Galaxy S2 now (Update)

Recently owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II heard their device would be receiving the illusive Android 4.0 upgrade on a certain date, only for Samsung to rubbish this and reveal that the company would announce its availability via its social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Well today we have the good news that the Android ICS update has begun hitting the Galaxy S2 in certain regions.

The company said in a press release that they are “thrilled to announce” the latest Android operating system will begin landing on the Galaxy S II in some Eurozone countries. These include the likes of Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and also Korea today before rolling out to other regions.

It was also revealed by the company that Android 4.0 will also be landing on the Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, and the Galaxy Note sometime soon. Owners of older handsets were also promised to be receiving Android Gingerbread that included the likes of the original Galaxy S, Galaxy S SCL, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy W, and Galaxy Tab 7 by the end of this month.

Owners of the Galaxy S will now have access to Face Unlock, Photo Editor, and Snapshot among other things with the firmware upgrade. Obviously these upgrades will depend on individual carrier requirements, and owners of SIM free handsets should get the update first.

It will be interesting to see which of the US carriers get the update out to their Samsung Galaxy S II variants first, and how long it will take. Owners of the handset will have to keep a check on their device for the update, and it would be better to download the new software via Wi-Fi. Update: Samsung has announced the update will be reaching UK owners of the handset later this month on the 19th.

Have you received the Android ICS update yet on your Galaxy S2?


25 thoughts on “Android ICS update hitting Galaxy S2 now (Update)”

    1. Hossam says:

      UAE and egypt should get the update at the same time
      this time is NEVER apparently, as i lost hope of that happening in near future
      so i am seriously considering two things
      1) get CM9 which is good and has a promising future
      2) having a career of bad-mouthing and i am no more recommending Samsung for not committed to its promises

  1. Michaelborge says:

    Does anyone know if we will be getting it in Gibraltar in Europe, my S2 is sim free. If so will I receive it via phone update or via Kies

  2. Michaelborge says:

    I was told by someone in one of the forums gibraltar would get the update today, I have been checking all day both by over the air and kies but nothing yet. Gibraltar (europe) is a British colony so does anyone recon we will receive in line with them or should it be today as per a tech comment.

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