New iPad Mini slim bezel no Retina

So now that we know all about the new iPad, what about that smaller iOS slate that keeps on rearing its ugly head, the iPad Mini? There has been speculation over the iPad Mini for a donkey’s age despite Apple originally saying smaller tablets wouldn’t make it in the mobile space, but have since been proven wrong with all the smaller Android slates available, so will we see an iPad Mini…probably, because if there is market share to be had, Apple will want their slice of it.

So onto that iPad Mini, or will that be the New iPad Mini when it finally arrives? Anyway the latest bit of news on the smaller iOS tablet comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena and by way of DigiTimes, who say that upstream supply chain sources claim the 7.85-inch iPad will be manufactured by both AU Optronics and LG, but the smaller iPad will not have a Retina Display like the New iPad.

Furthermore, apparently with the new iPad Mini, the unnamed sources claim that Apple is looking at making the bezel slimmer in order to deliver a larger display viewing area on smaller sized slates, and that the iPad Mini should arrive below that 300-buck mark with a price tag of between $249 and $299.

No doubt if Apple does deliver the iPad Mini at some point, the device will challenge the smaller Android tablets out there, but just when we are likely to see that small iPad still remains a mystery, and as to what Apple will actually call the tablet remains to be seen, iPad Mini, iPad 7.85, New iPad Mini, what is your guess?

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