HTC One S Micro Arc Oxidation video

I’m sure HTC fans out there will know that when HTC announced the new HTC One S smartphone they made mention that a new process to make the smartphone casing more durable and ceramic like was used, and that process is known as Micro Arc Oxidation, but how does that process work? Well we have a video of the process for your viewing consideration below.

The Micro Arc Oxidation on the HTC One S video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phandroid and by way of the HTC YouTube page, and delivers just over a minute and a half of HTC explaining and showing how they create that durable ceramic like finish on the HTC One S.

Apparently the casing starts off as aircraft aluminium and then gets hit by 1000volts of electricity, a bit like being struck by a lightning, and sets fire to the metal, the result of which means the HTC One S casing is fifty times stronger than adamantium and three times stronger than stainless steel.

Micro Arc Oxidation was originally designed for use on NASA satellites and racing cars, however HTC is now using the process for their smartphones and one that makes for a super strong ceramic casing and HTC hopes customer will appreciate the difference.

Anyway that’s it, for those that might be interested in checking out the Micro Arc Oxidation on the HTC One S process you can head on down and hit that play button…enjoy.

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