US carrier suggesting new iPhone 5 LTE release

With the announcement of the new iPad one of the tablet PCs new features was its 4G LTE connectivity, which has led to increased speculation that the next version of the iPhone will also come with the same feature. Today we can tell you that a US carrier is suggesting the new iPhone 5 will release with LTE 4G compatibility.

There has long been speculation that Apple will release an iPhone using a 4G radio at some point this year, and it is thought the company have so far avoided such a device because of the current standards of the technology and the demands it puts on the devices battery.

The iPad being a bigger device has the room for a larger battery to provide power for such radios, but luckily this year there are smaller 4G chipsets coming that are also less demanding on power.

Now according to Verizon Wireless the carrier is planning to only launch 4G LTE smartphones during 2012 and as GottaBe Mobile is reporting Verizon is looking to expand its 4G coverage to 400 markets across the US. You wouldn’t have thought that the carrier would launch only one 3G device this year, or suddenly stop offering the iPhone to its customers, so it seems a new iPhone with 4G connectivity is almost a certainty.

Such a device will make sense for all the parties involved and will allow iPhone users to receive data speeds up to ten times faster than they are already enjoying. It will also mean more consumers will be leaving the carriers creaking 3G networks to get the new iPhone. Apple will again see record sales of their flagship device, as 4G connectivity is one of the new features on many people’s wish lists.

If the iPhone 5 is released in the fall of this year as many believe it will all the carriers that currently offer the iPhone will have 4G LTE networks ready, which also includes smaller carrier C-Spire that is looking to have such a network in place by September.

Are you expecting the next iPhone to have 4G capabilities?


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