Apple gear Netherlands ban blocked

I’m sure everyone is quite aware that Samsung and Apple continue to fight it out over patent infringement, and that old Sammy was attempting to have a ban placed on the sale of Apple gear in the Netherlands, but it would seem that Samsung has now failed in that attempt as a Dutch court has blocked the sales ban.

The attempt by Samsung was based on Apple infringing standards essential wireless patents, and according to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Dow Jones, a court in the Hague has ruled that Sammy cannot pursue injunctions against Apple as long an Apple seems to be willing to negotiate licensing agreements.

Apparently the court stated that it couldn’t be said that Apple hasn’t complied with the clauses on FRAND terms, to which Samsung’s response from spokesperson James Chung was that Apple is allowed to sell their products in the Netherlands, but it also means that Apple should negotiate royalties with Samsung.

However, Apple is adamant that no payments are required because the use of patent wireless technologies are covered under Qualcomm’s agreement with Samsung, and further demands that an antitrust investigation is mounted to look into the potential misuse of FRAND patents by Samsung, and apparently the European Commission is now looking into the matter.

And so the constant patent infringement fighting continues, but isn’t it about time these two mobile space giants simply got round a table and put an end to all this once and for all rather than throwing considerable amounts of cash at lawyers to continue a fight that looks set to go on for a whole lot longer yet.

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