Smartphone screen size does matter

Ah that all-important question, does size matter? Well when it comes to your screen real estate on your smartphone apparently size does indeed matter, as with most things, the bigger the better or so it would seem, but there is a limit to what size smartphone screen people prefer apparently according to a recent survey.

The guys over at Phone Arena are reporting that a recent survey conducted by Strategy Analytics states that some 90 percent of those polled would opt to go with a smartphone that has a 4-inch to 4.5-inch diagonal display.

Apparently there’s no word on just how many participants took part in the survey though, but it was conducted in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice director, Paul Brown says that almost 90% of existing smartphone users chose a prototype smartphone with a bigger display than their present device.

Apparently the Android faithful of all genders tend to opt for larger display devices than those who own an iPhone, whilst women prefer smaller screens.

I’m sure you all know that the iPhone has a 3.5-inch display, whilst some Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 sport a 4.3-inch screen and go all the way up to 5.3-inches found on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

However apparently those that opt for a larger screen device would also like the device to be somewhat lighter so I guess you can’t please everyone all the time. So what do our readers prefer, a bigger screen of 4-inch or above, or the smaller sized screen, or doesn’t screen size really matter to you when choosing a new smartphone?


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