Galaxy S3 press image, real or fake?

The latest expected smartphone from the Samsung camp is of course the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S3 and only yesterday we heard that the handset design was finalised and a rumoured release date of April the 8th was touted, and now we have what is claimed to be a press image of the Galaxy S3 surface, but is it the real deal?

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, an unnamed tipster sent the guys at Phone Arena what they claim to be a press image of the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which may or may not be real, but the guys are of the opinion that the photo just doesn’t seem right.

The image resembles the Samsung Galaxy S2 minus the bottom capacitive buttons whilst the display looks to be almost bezel-less, but one does have to say the image looks like it has been shuffled together in Photoshop.

The guys say that the widgets kind of look badly formed and that the font seems a tad large and apart from the lower row of icons nothing seems too TouchWiz like, thus the guys are of the opinion that this particular image is probably fake.

However there is always a chance that the photo was produced by someone who has actually seem the Samsung Galaxy S3 and mocked it up from memory, so one shouldn’t dismiss it outright.

So we’d like to ask our readership what they think of this supposed final design image of the Galaxy S3, do you believe it is genuine or fake?