New iPad doesn’t do FaceTime over LTE

As you know, the latest iOS slate from Apple, the new iPad supports LTE connectivity, and although it delivers really fast download and uploads speed it appears that if you want to use FaceTime over LTE on your shiny new iPad then you are right out of luck, because it doesn’t work.

According to an article over on Phone Arena, the guys over at The Verge gave FaceTime video chat a whirl on the new iPad and tired it over 4G LTE, but apparently as evidence in the image above, FaceTime fails on LTE.

When attempting to use FaceTime on the new iOS slate’s 4G LTE connection you are apparently faced with a massage stating you must connect to a WiFi network, and is the same behaviour as when on a 3G network.

Thus it would appear that in the short term anyway, using FaceTime on your new iPad would remain a WiFi only feature, something new iPad owners might not be too happy about.

Verizon’s new iPad LTE plans include WiFi hotspot functionality at no extra cost so it should be fairly easy to hook up your iPhone to the slates 4G connection and use FaceTime that way, but that will still consume about 3MB a minute of your iPad data plan.


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