Apple offering good trade-ins for iPad 2

Tomorrow will see the launch of the new iPad in certain regions with Apple retail stores opening at 8am to excited costumers. The launch of the new model will see many consumers looking to trade-in their iPad 2, and today we have news of some good deals being offered by Apple.

We reported before on a number of different places owners could use to try and get the best available price for their old iPad, and now according to 9To5 Mac you can get up to $320 in value via Apple Store gift cards for your iPad2. This obviously depends on the model and the condition of it, and the full price quoted is for a 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G version in almost perfect condition.

For the base level 16GB Wi-Fi model Apple will give you $205, and while you may get slightly more from other places, many would prefer the simplicity of trading in their old model at the same place they are picking up the new iPad.

Comparing Apple’s trade-in prices to either Amazon or Gazelle will get you slightly more than $400 for the same 64GB model in spotless condition. According to the Gazelle listing the device will have to look as though it’s never been used, with some prices on Amazon being listed as high as $450. There are a number of payment options to choose from as well such as an Amazon gift card, check, and PayPal.

These prices will start to fall pretty quick though as the new model comes out as more older models flood the market along with the entry level iPad 2 price drop. When any new Apple product becomes available we will see many owners of older models looking to sell on their device, but some may just pass it down to friends or family.

Have you got an iPad 2 you are trading in?

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