Google Nexus tablet specs finalized?

Earlier this month it was reported that Asus may be making the Google Nexus tablet along with rumours what the device will actually be called. Now it seems that the Google Nexus tablet specs may be finalized with reports also suggesting the pricing for the device.

As Digital Trends are reporting the Google tablet may be priced as low as $149, which would put it below Amazon’s Kindle Fire that starts at $199. A source that is claiming to be from a supply chain company based in the US is also stating the device may be available as early as May.

Again Asus are the company being tipped to be making the 7-inch tablet, and the company has scrapped the planned Asus MeMo 370T seen at January’s CES show to work with Google on the Nexus tablet, and the source claimed the tie up between the two companies was “a done deal”.

Originally it is thought that Google were looking at a price level of around $199 to $249 for the Nexus tablet, but now it is being claimed to have been cut to between $149 and $199. Google’s Eric Schmidt has previously promised a device of “the highest quality” that would ignite the company’s battle with Apple, but if this pricing is correct and with a 7-inch screen it will be more focused on Amazon.

The lower pricing has allegedly been achieved by doing away with plans to use the NVIDIA Tegra 3 dual-core processor, and it is being claimed the device will make its debut at the CTIA Wireless show that begins on May 8th.

What is interesting about these rumours is that many companies have tried to compete with the Apple iPad with many of them failing, but cheaper alternatives seem to be working well and this may be the reason behind Google going for a more budget option. Do you think offering cheaper alternatives to the iPad is the best way to compete in the tablet PC market?


5 thoughts on “Google Nexus tablet specs finalized?”

  1. Bajarace says:

    Quadcore would have been much better, games ,loading web, multi tasking,hd video. I would have been happy to pay $ 250- 300 for quadcore. 2011 was dualcore its time to step it up. Im sure these will still sell like hot cakes. Ill hold out for the asus infinity 700.

  2. Po8vamp says:

    This is said to have a camera on the back, but NO front facing camera which is a bummer.  Also, hoping it has a microSD slot.  Not much to ask for.

  3. Ibraheem Habeeb says:

    I think it will fail, because it has a smaller screen which is not very comfortable to the eyes while reading. I hope that google release a 10.1 nexus tablet that is not related to samsung…

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