Problems emerge of new iPad overheating, is yours?

The latest version of the Apple iPad has been in customer’s hands for only a few days now following its release, and today we have news of problems emerging with some owners complaining about the new iPad overheating.

As an article over at ZDNet is reporting holding the device for only a short time the device can feel rather warm in the hands. Located on the lower left hand corner of the new iPad is the new processor, and it seems this becomes very warm after any prolonged use. Apple’s new tablet PC features a slightly larger case so the device can have a larger battery, which then powers that lovely new display and the 4G LTE components.

It also has to power the new dual core A5X processor along with the quad core graphics chip, but there is nothing inside the new iPad to get rid of that heat. With all this new technology inside it shouldn’t be too surprising that when using the device for gaming or other demanding tasks that it gets a tad warm.

The last two versions of the iPad also had similar issues as well, but the new version does seem to be generating quite a bit of heat, and a number of users are now complaining that they are getting overheating warnings appearing on the device. Some users are saying this is coming even if they have only been using the new iPad after a short time, with a number of owners complaining the tablet PC can’t be used on a sunny day.

Some owners are describing the heat from the new iPad as “uncomfortably warm”, and instinct makes you want to move your hands elsewhere. There is a growing thread over at the Apple Support Communities with many complaining the device gets really hot on the left hand side, and that lowering the brightness of the screen helps but defeats the object of actually owning the device.

There are some suggesting the heat issue will go away once the battery has been probably conditioned, with others saying they took their new iPad back, and changed it without any issues. Have you noticed your new iPad overheating?

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