Looking into MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) for iPhone

Online gaming phenomenon World of Warcraft has gained millions of fans around the world since it was first released, and now Blizzard Entertainment are looking into MMORPG WOW for the iPhone.

As an article over at Gamespot is reporting the developer of the game recently revealed the news to Eurogamer at an event. John Lagrave senior World of Warcraft producer said they are always looking at ways to bring MMORPG to mobile devices. He said that they may find a great way to get the game on the iPhone, and stressed they might not “but we’re certainly looking into it”.

What is the norm with Blizzard the developer said that WOW wouldn’t become available for the iPhone until it is ready, so there is no information when the game may land on the device. Lagrave added that they wouldn’t release any game until “it’s decent”, but added that the market is moving “towards that little handheld device”.

Lagrave did stress that some game systems such as fishing and pet battles would work better than others, but he also added that the company will still focus on the likes of PCs and Macs as that remains its core business model. Blizzard has already had a go at mobile gaming after it released World of Warcraft Mobile Armory back in 2009, which allows gamers see character statistics, manage guilds, and look at the Auction House.

Meanwhile the game will be seeing the Mists of Pandaria expansion add-on that takes place on the new continent of Pandaria, along with focusing on the Panaren and monk player classes. There is still no release date for the expansion pack, but will increase the player level cap to ninety.

Would you like to see World of Warcraft become available on the iPhone and other mobile devices?


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