The chances of a Google Play branded product

I’m sure everyone on the Android platform is aware that Google has now changed the name of the Android Market over to Google Play, a name that some originally thought would be a new product for Android to play on; however that never came to pass, well not yet anyway.

However the guys over at Droid-life have expressed their views on what the Google guys could have in store for the future of Google Play in as much as they believe it makes good sense in the general scheme of things due to Google likely wanting to pull all their goodies under one umbrella as it were.

Such as with iOS its all about the ecosystem rather than just the product with an operating system that was easy to use across numerous devices such as your iPhone will sync with your Apple iPad and Apple TV and such thus enabling a suite of gear that works in harmony with each other.

Whilst the guys say, Android is somewhat disconnected, and up until recently the Android OS didn’t work with Android tablets, and Chrome was also separate as were apps, games, movies and such, and still haven’t been fully adopted by many as on the go services.

Thus the guys suggest that Google Play is Google’s new ecosystem for media products, following Apple and Amazon’s steps to make their Android gear all about media and easy of use rather than just about the differing specs of Android devices.

Apparently Punit Soni, Google’s product manager, last week spoke on a unified gaming experience from Google, which basically means users wont have separate games for Android, Chrome and Google Plus and will just be known as Google Games.

So where is all this leading? Well according to the guys if Google can pull everything together under the Google Play umbrella, an ecosystem that will encompass all mobile and more and downplay Android whilst highlighting it is Google, they could release a Google Play branded device.

So with all that in mind we thought we’d ask our readership out there, what do you think the chances are of a Google Play branded product surfacing sometime in the future?

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