Rumoured features to keep Galaxy S3 ahead of iPhone 5

Over the last few weeks rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S III have surfaced on a regular basis especially after the device wasn’t showcased at the 2012 MWC event, and today we have news of more rumoured features that could keep the Galaxy S3 ahead of the iPhone 5.

So far there has been nothing official coming from Samsung themselves about their next Galaxy S smartphone, even though only yesterday we heard that some executives from the company were alleged to have spoken about the processor powering it, and another specification of the device that is being called Samsung’s “secret weapon” has emerged.

An article over at Android Police is suggesting that the Galaxy S3 will feature a built-in inductive charging feature. If true the Galaxy S3 wouldn’t be the first handset to come with such a feature, but it is being reported that Samsung is planning on going a step further as the device wouldn’t have to be placed on a mat for charging.

It is being claimed that Samsung’s technology will allow the smartphone to be charged from between one and two meters away, and Samsung are also said to be deciding whether to include charge mats with the device or sell them as an extra option. As usual this is only a rumour but if true it would allow the handset to have a better chance of competing with whatever Apple do next with the iPhone.

There has been rumours before that Apple were also looking into similar charging technology, so it could be a race to get the technology out first between the two companies. Meanwhile according to a report on uSwitch the Galaxy S III may come with two operating systems. A source is claiming that users may have the choice of Android ICS with the TouchWiz overlay, or standard Ice Cream Sandwich software.

If this is true owners of the upcoming device will have the best of both worlds as the standard version will be updated more quickly, but also have the option of Samsung’s own tweaks to the operating system. The source does say that Samsung are still undecided whether to offer the dual launcher option or stick with the TouchWiz overlay.

It would be highly unlikely that Samsung would completely ditch their TouchWiz software, but it would be nice if they offered the standard version as well. Samsung are believed to be holding a special press event in the coming weeks to finally reveal the handset to consumers.

Do you like the idea of wireless charging for a smartphone?


3 thoughts on “Rumoured features to keep Galaxy S3 ahead of iPhone 5”

  1. Mohdamr1 says:

    I love all those rumors and I hope Samsung galaxy s3 lives up to the hype. Samsung galaxy S3  should set the benchmarks in specifications, quality and of course user experience in order to be the best.

  2. Polfers says:

    No one EVER talks about battery life! I was forced to have a brand new replacement iphone for my old iphone 3G (another 3G), 5 months ago, as my suppliers, Orange, in common with every other supplier, don’t replace battery’s in iphones, they just send you a new one (it may have been refurbed, but it looked brand new). The old 3g went for 18 months or so before the battery started collapsing. Bearing in mind I had data switched off, reduced brightness. email switched off, and blue tooth and wi-fi off unless needed, this new phone can’t now hold a charge for more than 8 hours on standby. The iphone doesn’t have a user replaceable battery, but there are u-tube video’s of how to do it and it was to be £23 for a battery and £3 for an iphone opening kit, but there’s a good chance I could damage the phone. I would rather have something a millimetre thicker and enjoy a three or four day battery life than a billion gizmo’s I can’t use because my battery’s as flat as a Ducks instep all the time! iphone 5? How about a decent, user replaceable battery as a selling feature!

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