iPhone 4 & 4S KidSafe case protects and blocks access

Owners of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S have a huge amount of accessories to choose from that can enhance and protect their smartphone. Many of us have a case to protect our treasured device from bumps and spills that may come its way during our busy life’s, but today we have news of the KidSafe case that cleverly protects the handset and blocks access to it.

This clever idea has been announced by TRTL BOT who are the designers of many different eco-functional cases for the iPhone and iPad. The KidSafe case is the first ever reversible case that has been designed for the iPhone 4/4S, which not only protects the handset from damage, but also keeps apps and settings inaccessible to children.

The case will be ideal for families that have young children as it features a proprietary home button protective cover, which will prevent unwanted or mistaken access to the home screen. This will block the ability to access applications and settings, but the KidSafe case also offers great protection to the handset.

It features raised corners that helps the case protect your precious iPhone from drops and scratches, and according to Peter Gloria president of TRTL BOT, the case is “The perfect two-in-one double-sided case, KidSafe can be used for everyday activities, and then flipped for extra protection when given to children”.

The KidSafe iPhone case is manufactured in the US and uses BPA free, non toxic recycled plastic, and is available in Arctic White, Grass Green, and Charcoal Black for only $24.95 over at the TRTL BOT website here. The company behind the case was originally founded back in 2010 and offers a range of multifunctional accessories for Apple products, which are designed around functionality and environmental awareness.

Do you need a case for your handset that will prevent children pressing things they shouldn’t?

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