Indicated Galaxy S3 April release

There’s some interesting news today for the many of you who are waiting to hear about a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III). Although a recent leaked image of what was purported to be the Galaxy S3 suggested an unveiling event or possibly even a release on May 22, today’s news implies that in fact the Galaxy S3 could be released as early as April.

It had been widely expected that a Samsung event to announce the Galaxy S3 would occur later this month but as time slipped by this looked less likely. When we told about the leaked credible image of the S3 with the May 22 date showing a Samsung Unpacked event this certainly looked plausible and indeed it could have been accurate, going by what has been reported today. However the details may have since changed.

At the Samsung Forum 2012 today, Kim Young-Ha, Samsung president for the China region, said that Samsung is aiming for an April release for its flagship smartphone. This was reported by South Korean news site MK as detailed by BGR. Kim stated that in an effort to increase sales of both the Galaxy S3 and also the Galaxy Note, Samsung was now thinking of rescheduling the launch of the Galaxy S3 for April rather than May.

It’s possible that Samsung is trying to bring forward the release of the Galaxy S3 because the impressive looking HTC One X is due out next month and Samsung doesn’t want to lose sales to it . Another possibility is that the iPhone 5 could be launching in summer rather than fall and Samsung wants to get a head start on sales against Apple’s smartphone.

Another thing that could conceivably happen though is that Samsung could release the Galaxy S3 in April in China to satisfy the huge potential market there, with a release in other regions later but that would go against earlier reports that Samsung wants to launch the Galaxy S3 globally at the same time. That followed criticism of last year’s Galaxy S2 release, which was staggered across regions so that the US finally saw it several months after it had been available in other countries.

It’s certainly interesting stuff and we think that many people will be delighted to hear of a possible Galaxy S3 release in April. We’ll be keeping our nose to the ground and as soon as we hear more about this we’ll pass on the latest information. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S3? If so, are you hoping that it will release simultaneously across all regions? Let us know with your comments


13 thoughts on “Indicated Galaxy S3 April release”

  1. Optik360 says:

    We’ll be keeping our nose to the ground and as soon as we hear more about this we’ll pass on the latest information.”    errrrrrrrrr.
    do you guys smell through your ears too?

  2. Xrokx8458 says:

    My family is using Galaxy S and waiting for S3.
    Hope S3 is going to be available in April or May in US before my daughter takes off to Europe for summer so she can take it with her.

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