Men in Black 3 game for Android & iOS devices soon: Update

If you are a fan of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and waiting for the new Men in Black 3 movie to arrive in May this year, and own either an Android or iOS device, you might like to hear that Sony and Gameloft have joined to deliver a mobile Men in Black 3 game.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, Men in Black 3 the mobile game is expected to become available in conjunction with the MIB 3 movie launch on both the iOS platform and Android platform on May the 25th.

No word on just what the Men in Black 3 mobile game will be like at this early stage, but no doubt fans of Men in Black will grab a copy for their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Maybe Gameloft has put something special in the new game to make it a success, but usually games based on movies don’t tend to do as well as the film.

Basically the Men in Black movies are successful because of the on-screen chemistry between Smith and Jones something that will no doubt be very hard to replicate in a game and on a smartphone or tablet, but obviously if you simply love trashing aliens then maybe the Men in Black 3 mobile game will be the game for you. More as and when we hear.

UPDATE: The Men in Black 3 game for both iOS and Android is now available to download from iTunes and Google Play.

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