Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.5 possibly April

As well as giving readers all the news about new and upcoming smartphones we also like to keep you informed with software updates and the good news today is for Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners. It seems that the Android 4.0.5 update is coming and should arrive in April.

When Galaxy Nexus owners rushed to buy the smartphone on Verizon when it released before Christmas, many of them did so because they were eager to get their hands on the first smartphone running the latest Android mobile operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However as soon as the phone launched, a software update (4.0.3) became available to replace 4.0.2 but the OS hasn’t been without its glitches and flaws.

If you own a Galaxy Nexus you may have noticed an audio reboot issue or ‘data falling asleep’ and it appears that the 4.0.5 update will fix those problems. The news comes to us from Droid-Life from a source known as Mobile Panda (also @black_man_x) who tweeted this information. The source is described as somebody who has a “well known insider track record” concerning LTE and Verizon hardware, so is seen as reliable.

The same source informed that the update was currently being tested and would be out in early April “if all goes well.” No doubt many of you will be pleased to learn you may soon be getting rid of your buggy builds for a much smoother Nexus Android experience. Let’s hope that no further problems crop up during testing that would delay the update beyond April.

We’ll be following developments on the update and will let you know when we hear further information. Have you been waiting for an OS update for the Galaxy Nexus? If so are there any further improvements you’re hoping for?


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.5 possibly April”

  1. Manny Subia says:

    …Can’t wait!…..even with the few little bugs that I’ve been experiencing with my GN since I’ve bought it,………It’s still a Kick-ass phone! I don’t have any regrets about my purchase =)

  2. It’s been really a long time, now 19 of April still nothing here (Galaxy Nexus via Three). What I really blame is lack of communication on what’s blocking (why) and about the release plan (when).

  3. Willy3799 says:

    Been talking to verison about the data b.s…..its not fair to pay for something yau cant use !!! I wish they would hurry up with this update……

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