Free Biologic app is social networking genius

There are a huge number of applications available that can achieve a number of tasks making our lives easier and more fun. While many are just plain useless that don’t live up to the promises of the app description, there are some that are really clever and the free Biologic app is social networking genius.

The application for the iPad is described as a “playful environment for exploring your friend’s activity streams from your favourite social networks”, and according to Cult of Mac it pretty much sums the app up. It allows users to view and explore their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts in a whole new way.

They will be displayed in squishy like microbiological cells, and people you follow or are friends with will appear in one of the floating bubbly structures, which is accompanied with music playing in the background. If you tap on someone’s icon from your Twitter account you will instantly see their tweets, and to read it you simply tap on it and the tweet will be displayed in a more traditional way.

The data downloaded dictates the movement and size of the floaty bubbly things inside the individual cells, and people who tweet more get bigger cells. This is the case for content that gets a lot of Likes, and retweeted content moves about more excitedly.

It has to be remembered this is not a Twitter client so won’t replace TweetBot, and before you tap there is no way of telling which tweet is which or what has been there the longest. The app is basically some fun and will show your social network content in a way that has never been seen before, and although it won’t change the way you use your accounts it will certainly make them more fun.

Biologic can be found worldwide on the App Store as a free download. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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