Mobile Scam Warning: Money debited from banks

Wishing to keep out readership in the know about mobile scams, it appears there’s a new one doing the rounds over in Australia, whereby scammers are hitting bank accounts by way of accessing mobile phone numbers without the owner’s knowledge according to Australian telecoms regulators.

According to a report over on Nine MSN News, apparently customers are complaining to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman stating that their mobile phone number has been transferred to a different provider without their knowledge or consent, which has resulted in a bundle of cash being debited from their bank account.

Apparently these scammers have managed to get their victim’s mobile phone number, Internet banking user name and password, along with personal details, and were able to initiate large cash transactions via a special authentication code, which was delivered by the bank in a text message to the fraudulently gained mobile phone account.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, along with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman have advised customers to contact their bank, financial institution and telecoms provider immediately if their device has been unexpectedly disconnected.

Ombudsman Simon Cohen has said that amounts as large as $38,000 have been transferred fraudulently.

So we’d like to hear from any of our Australian readers out there if they have experience this mobile phone scam, and if so have you gained your money back or not?

Image courtesy of Telecom News.

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