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Google Chrome Beta for Android has been available for a while now for use on Android based smartphones and tablets, albeit probably not that many of the Android faithful out there can make use of the Chrome experience on their handset or slate because it is for Android Ice cream Sandwich devices only.

Although according to an article over on Gadget Box, the uncluttered browser that is Google Chrome Beta for Android is seeing an number of the Android faithful take up the browser, although apparently approximately only one percent of Android users actually have Android Ice Cream Sandwich, whilst the majority are playing along with Android 2.7 Gingerbread or lower.

Google Chrome Beta for Android offers accelerated page loading, zooming and scrolling, the ability to sign in to Chrome to sync bookmarks and view tabs that are open on your PC, the ability to send pages from your desktop to your mobile device along with being able to read those pages offline, browse in incognito mode, and search and navigate directly from the omnibox.

If you happen to own an Android smartphone or tablet running Android 4.0 and haven’t yet grabbed Google Chrome Beta for Android, you can of course download the app for free from Google Play, but if you don’t have an ISC device, there is currently no word on if or when the Google guys will make Google Chrome Beta available for devices running pre-ICS.

However, if you are using Google Chrome Beta for Android on your Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone or tablet, we’d like to know what you think of the browser, so feel free to express your views to our comments area below.


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