Gmail problem affecting Android devices, fix promised

The smartphones that many of us now own play an important in our busy life’s and allow us to keep up with everything while on the move. It’s when things sometimes go wrong we realize how much we rely on services, and today we have news of a Gmail problem affecting Android devices with a fix promised.

It is being reported by PC Pro that many Android smartphones have been experiencing issues with the Gmail service that is making it unusable, and is also hanging handsets. Google quickly promised a fix was on route, but the problem is pretty strange as it makes devices flicker like a strobe light.

This problem seems to be only affecting some users and is also only hitting certain accounts, as reports are suggesting that one handset may have the issue, but others work fine. Many users have taken to the Android forums to report the issue that first appears when trying to first sign into the email system.

Users have reported that the handset has to be restarted once the problem has hit, and it seems a variety of different handsets are affected, which suggests the problem is with Google’s servers instead of the operating systems on the handsets themselves.

Google promised a fix was on route and some users have since posted that the problem was now fixed. We tested one of our own Android handsets and had no issues logging into a Gmail account via the installed application.

It also seems the problem was affecting handsets running stock Android and those that have been rooted, and hopefully Google has now fixed the issue. The problem was first reported a few hours ago and it seems Google may have got on top of it pretty quick.

Did you have any problems logging into Gmail on your Android device?


22 thoughts on “Gmail problem affecting Android devices, fix promised”

  1. Martin says:

    Still having problems with my HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) @ 8:15 CST.  A recommendation that works – use the default mail and setup an imap gmail account – the problem is localized to the gmail app – not the mail app.  This worked for me – its a temp fix while waiting for Google.

  2. B Corbalis says:

    This started on my HTC Thunderbolt last night. I have rebooted, cleared the cache, removed and reinstalled the battery. Nothing helps. When I launch the gmail app the screen blinks and flickers. At it’s worst it keeps relaunching gmail, so I can’t do anything else with the phone either.

  3. Mark E Evans94 says:

    it’s not fixed yet… samsung galaxy… flickering until dead.  what is really aggravating is there is no way to uninstall the application…

  4. end6465 says:

    Í’m in Vnezuela and I have same problem, my Samsung Galaxi is Flickering, and I can’t uninstall the application. It’s not fixed yet.

  5. Iwannamove says:

    I am having this problem since today morning (2012.03.23); cannot use GMail, actually, I would even say, cannot use my phone normally. My Nexus S (I9020AUCKF1) is not “rooted”. Android 2.3.6 

  6. Henk Verbunt says:

    I live in the Netherlands and am using a HTC Desire HD. As from this morning I’m having problems. When I launch Gmail it opens the inbox, but it starts to flicker, not as a strobe but like the inbox is constantly reloading, shifting, reloading etc. I’ve tried everything, nothing works. I can’t end Gmail with the Back-button, only the Home button works and then I quickly have to stop the application with the Settings, Applications menu. I hope Gmail will patch a fix soon…

  7. Dedcert says:

    I have found the same problem on my tablet,Asus Transformer Prime, but only when I have the GMail widget installed on my homescreen. No fix for me as yet tho’.

  8. Djameleigh says:

    I have the same problem… i am so damn frustrated that i rebooted mine couple of times because when i tried to access the android market it won’t let me log on to my gmail account!

  9. Amy Ginge94 says:

    My brother has locked my fone, it is a samsung galaxy ace, it is telling me to type in my user name and password which i have done, i have reset my password on the laptop and hoping it would work on my fone but it has not, WHAT DO I DO????????

  10. Ajay says:

    Gmail not synchronizing on android phone when connected to 3G thru sim but its working when connected to wifi, this problem is in ETHIOPIA since last 10 days

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