Possible date for WWDC 2012 and iOS 6 reveal

Earlier this month when Apple showcased the new iPad they also made available the iOS 5.1 software update for iOS devices, and we now have news of a possible iOS 6 showcase with the WWDC 2012 date that has seemingly been set.

Apple has normally used its WWDC event each year to showcase its newest version of the iOS operating system along with a new iPhone. There is a chance that the next version could be revealed in the second week in June according to an article on T3.com.

It seems the Moscone Center in San Francisco has been booked for a week beginning on June 11th for an unspecified “conference meeting”, and the timeframe and venue fit in with Apple’s annual developer event. Last year’s event started on June 7th where the company announced the all new iOS 5 with its new notifications, iMessage, reminders, and more.

So there is a chance the company will be doing the same this year, which may mean also the next version of the iPhone may not be making an appearance. The event was traditionally when the company revealed the latest version of their flagship device, but last year consumers had to wait until October before the iPhone 4S was released.

Many believe we will see the same situation this year especially if a new model came out in June it would only be a few months after the current model was launched. So this year’s event could reveal the final build of Mac OS X Mountain along with the first tease of iOS 6. As always with Apple you never know what they are really planning, and the company may surprise everyone with a new iPhone running a new version of the iOS software.

As we get closer to June the date will be confirmed by invites being sent out by Apple, and the rumour mill will crank up with speculation about what we may see.

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