iOS to ditch Google for Baidu speculation

We all know that there is no love lost between Apple and Google and that iOS and Android are rivals in the mobile space, and Android is of course part of Google, and apparently Apple is looking to move away from using Google gear on their iOS devices. This latest speculation is that Apple is considering ditching Google on iOS devices and contemplating going with the Chinese alternative Baidu.

Yep, according to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Tech Sina, unnamed ‘informed sources’ claim that Apple is to apparently integrate Baidu search on their iOS devices and this could happen as early as next month by way of an update, although neither Baidu or Apple have confirmed such so for now it remains in the land of speculation.

Baidu is China’s answer to Google Search and is said to account for a huge 83.6 percent of China’s search space, but as for Apple adopting Baidu over Google for their iOS devices such as the new iPad and the iPhone, well it isn’t quite clear that if Apple does indeed go ahead with Baidu whether it will be country specific, so perhaps it will be just for China rather than ditching Goggle on iOS devices globally.

So there you have it, the possibility that Apple might ditch Google in favour of Baidu as the preferred search engine for their iOS devices, so would you mind if Apple made Baidu the default search engine on iOS devices or do you think they should stick with Google?


2 thoughts on “iOS to ditch Google for Baidu speculation”

  1. Beijingexplorer says:

    Baidu is a sham search engine, who sell positions on the search results to the highest bidder, and take off unwanted links for a fee. Toxic

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