AT&T Lumia 900 captured in store on video

The current speculation at just when the Windows Phone faithful will be able to snap up the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T is said to be the Easter Sunday the 8th of April, although a recent report tagged the release date as the 9th of April, but it appears that that April 8th date has been confirmed along with the Nokia Lumia 900 being handled on video in an AT&T store, which we have for your viewing consideration below.

Apparently the Nokia Lumia 900 video was shot by YouTube user VizagDude who managed to get their hands on the Lumia 900 when visiting an AT&T store and decided to video the new Windows Phone showing off the camera, ports and there’s a Heart Radio live tile on the display, and comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena.

In the background there is noise of children, and a women does ask the guy not to run away with the Nokia Lumia 900, so it does look like this Nokia Lumia 900 in an AT&T store is genuine, although we have no idea where the AT&T store is located.

Apparently the Nokia Lumia 900 is scheduled for release as of the 8th of April and will command a price tag of 99-bucks when signing up for the usual two-year agreement according to the YouTube page blurb, so whether he was told this or is going by the rumours it is impossible to clarify, but as April the 8th isn’t that far off we should get an official announcement from AT&T pretty soon one would think.

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