Windows Phone Angry Birds Space confirmed

As you no doubt know the latest version of the highly popular multi-platform game Angry Birds, called Angry Birds Space has now arrived for both the iOS and Android Angry Birds faithful, but rumour had it that the Windows Phone faithful out there might not gain Angry Birds Space; however that little rumour seems to have been laid to rest as Rovio is working on bringing Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone.

Apparently the other day a report by Bloomberg stated that Windows Phone would not gain Angry Birds Space, however according to the guys over at Unwired View by way of Reuters, Mikael Hed, the chief exec of Rovio told them that they are currently working on bringing Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone 7 devices.

However, although confirming that Windows Phone would eventually receive Angry Birds Space, he didn’t offer any time-scale for a launch date , saying that a lunch date had not been set yet, so Windows Phone Angry Bird gamers out there could be facing a bit of a lengthy wait before they can play the latest version.

Apparently Hed also said that Rovio is working closely with Nokia to deliver their games to the platform and that their mutual goal is to deliver the best possible experience to their fans including Windows Phone fans.

So there you have it, Windows Phone gamers will gain Angry Birds Space eventually, I have played Angry Birds Space on Android and have to say it is just as addictive a previous versions.

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