Nokia Apollo Windows 8 phones better than Lumia

Well now it would appear that the Nokia Lumia range of Windows Phone devices will at some point in the future be bettered if the latest rumour is to be believed. Word has it that Nokia Apollo Windows 8 devices will be incredible and much better that the present Nokia Lumia range of smartphones.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of My Nokia Blog, an unnamed person has met with an engineer at Nokia who has stated that the Apollo Windows 8 devices, one of which is rumoured to be called the Nokia Prodigy, are much better than the current Nokia Lumia handsets and are ‘incredible.’

Apparently the rumour originates from a tweet from Twitter user Cosimo, who tweeted, “Today I met a Nokia employee. Nokias Apollo devices will be incredible. But still Microsoft…Meh..Also have some good news for Meltemi.”

Much of the Twitter chatter was to do with the Nokia N9, but apparently the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets are deserving of good words from a Nokia N9 owning engineer but still prefers the N9 to a Windows Phone device. However to be honest one would expect a Nokia employee to big up Nokia’s next Windows Phone devices anyway wouldn’t you think.

Obviously no other information of these new Nokia Apollo devices that will run Window Phone 8, with the exception of that possible Nokia Prodigy codename of course, naturally as and when we hear more on these Nokia Apollo Windows Phone 8 handsets we’ll pass it along.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good article but couple facts needs to get straightened. Lumia is just a product-line and Apollo is just a code name for next major update Windows Phone OS (Windows Phone 8). The next generation WP device’s hardware surely will be better (newer) but all current device will receive Apollo update as well.

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