iPhone 5 production under threat as Foxconn workers strike

It appears that iPhone maker Foxconn has a bit of a problem on their hands that could possibly affect the production of the next iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5, or what is now being referred to as the ‘new iPhone.’ Apparently Foxconn worker at their Taiyuan plant in the Shanxi province is looking to hire some 20,000 workers to boost production of the new iPhone.

According to an article over on Nexus 404 by way of Micgadgets and China News, hundreds of workers at the Foxconn plant have walked out and gone on strike over a pay dispute that is still under negotiation, and the manager of the plant has confirmed that a number of employees have downed tools, although he wouldn’t stipulate just how many.

As a result of this strike by workers, Foxconn is looking to hire some 20,000 new workers in order to produce the iPhone 5, as the company will apparently be responsible for some 85 percent of manufacture, roughly 57 million new iPhone units each year.

Apparently the walkout is over a promise that Foxconn would give their employees a pay rise , but apparently Foxconn put up the pay for managers and technicians but didn’t for entry-level workers, which prompted the strike action that could possibly threaten the production of the iPhone 5, although no doubt Foxconn will easily be able to hire that 20,000 new employees they are currently recruiting so perhaps iPhone 5 production wont be that much affected.

Apparently the walkout at the Taiyuan Foxconn plant was captured on video, and we have that footage for your viewing consideration below.


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  1. If Mark Chubb spent any time on Sina Weibo, he’d know that the strike in question involved several hundreds workers out of well over 100,000 employed at the factory. Nobody – NOBODY – on Weibo, Chinese state media, of the free Hong Kong press, is connecting the loosely organized strike to the 20,000 employee hiring call. So let’s be clear: when Chubb writes “As a result of this strike by workers, Foxconn is looking to hire 20,000 new workers …”  he is pulling it out of thin air. There’s no basis of it in the articles he’s citing, or anywhere else on the internet. I’m sorry to say this, but the so-called reporting on this issue is as legitimate as a Mike Daisey monologue.

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