Rumour emerges of Galaxy S3 release this week

Along with the iPhone 5 the Samsung Galaxy S III is one handset that is high on a lot of people’s wish list this year with regards to getting a new smartphone. Both devices have been in the news a lot recently even though nothing officially has been announced by either company, and now we can tell you about a rumour that has emerged about the Galaxy S3 being released later this week.

According to an article over at T3 the highly anticipated device could be arriving this coming Friday in the UK, as the Phones 4U store in London’s Oxford Street has a big hording on the front of the store with the Samsung logo along with the caption ‘Coming 30/3/2012’.

While it has to be remembered that there is nothing official to suggest the device is coming later this week, the device is probably the standout upcoming product from the company to get excited about. Samsung decided not to showcase its latest flagship smartphone at this year’s MWC event, and said they would reveal it closer to the time it would be available to consumers.

Other devices in the Samsung product range that are due to be released include the Galaxy Beam with its built-in projector, and the new versions of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab, but these are not expected until later this year. You wouldn’t have thought that the company would go to so much trouble to launch a new budget handset though, and the mobile phone retailer were Samsung’s official partner for the launch of the Galaxy Nexus last year.

The upcoming smartphone has generated a lot of interest in recent weeks ahead of its release, and rumoured specs for the device include wireless charging and splash resistant Liquel nano technology. The company has enjoyed massive success so far with the two previous versions of the Galaxy S smartphone, with huge amounts of units sold.

Samsung will be looking to build on this before Apple decides to release the next version of the iPhone, and you never know the Galaxy S3 could be coming in only a few days.

Do you think Samsung will release the Galaxy S III later this week?


12 thoughts on “Rumour emerges of Galaxy S3 release this week”

  1. Mike Tan Y L says:

    Hi Ross, I beg to differ. Going head-on with iPhone 5 in Q3 will only result in a smaller share of the market pie for Samsung – not a smart move from the marketing point of view. Many technophiles are neither Android nor iPhone die-hard. For them, after toying around with their existing phone for about a year or so (usually less), they simply have to lay their hands on the next top-of-the-line device; only the crème de la crème will suffice. 

    At this point of time, the high-end phones on the lips of those who know are, without question, Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5. I am confident Samsung will launch SIII by latest third week of April. Without a serious contender, it is obvious that Samsung’s cash register will be ringing long and loud since iPhone 5 will probably debut in Aug/Sep. That is a good six months more to go!          

  2. rjh04 says:

    Just had a word with a colleague who looks after our mobile contracts. She just tried to order an S2 for someone from 02 on a business contract, but this has been discontinued. So she has ordered an S3. We’ve been told to expect it in a few weeks. So maybe the 30th will be the annoucement.

  3. www.dailycarblog.com says:

    This is story is a non starter, it has been for days and why? Because samsung would have sent out official media invites weeks ago, the media know’s this  and chooses to speculate on something they know is a non event. The Galaxy SIII will not be revealed, its most likely something to do with a 4G product.

  4. adam says:

    Seems that everything is falling into place for a release on the 30th. With the production in full swing a month ago and all the pre orders from mobile providers. I couldn’t see a reason why it won’t release. Just my opinion.

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