T-Mobile Premium 5GB & Ultra 10GB data price increase

Those over in the United States that are on the T-mobile network might like to know that T-mobile is increasing the pricing on their premium 5GB and Ultra 10GB data bundles, and as of April the 4th will charge 5-bucks more a month and the new plans will replace the current Classic 5GB and 10GB promo bundles, so be prepared to shell out more if you are new to the bundles.

According to the guys over at Tmonews, apparently the price increase will not affect customer that have added the 5GB or 10GB promo bundles prior to the 4th of April, whilst the Value Plan feature remains unchanged price wise, and apparently the carrier is enacting the price change to ‘better align’ Classic and Value plan pricing, which should help T-Mobile to achieve Value mix targets and financial goals.

Apparently T-Mobile customers can still continue to save 15-bucks a month with the Unlimited-Premium Classic feature when compared to rival similar features, and the carrier will continue to offer the promo on both the Unlimited-Premium 5GB and Ultra 10GB promo bundles, which include MobileLife Albums Plus and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot at no extra charge, meaning that is a $19.98 value.

According to the guys this move looks like it is meant to push customers towards Value Plan, some they say is a good thing if you really understand Value Plans that for the customer saves money on their monthly costs as long as you purchase a device at full price over a 20-month period.

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