Windows Phone 7 OTA configuration settings roll-out

Mobilethink, a mobile device management vendor has now announced an over the air connectivity solution for all Windows Phone 7 device that for the first time will enable all Windows Phone 7 users to use the mobile internet from power up, and irrespective of network, and said Windows Phone 7 solution will begin rolling out in April.

Network operators usually rely on device makers to preconfigure Windows Phone 7 devices for use on all networks, but ever since WP7 was introduced into their networks, carrier customer care centres have been constantly bombarded with calls from Windows Phone 7 customers with complaints that they can’t connect to the internet, access social networking websites or send MMS because of connection errors or there is a lack of pre-configured operator settings for their network.

Apparently some Windows Phone 7 handsets prevent the operator or user from correcting the settings once the device has been shipped because of Microsoft security policies, and customer care centres should advice users to contact their device maker such as Samsung, LG, Nokia and HTC and ask for re-configuration settings for a specific network, with some user having to wait weeks for their handset to be re-configured.

The new Windows Phone 7 solution to be rolled out in April is part of Mobilethink’s upcoming Device Management Solution 3.5 update, which will be offered to MVNOs and network operators globally.

The chief of product management and marketing at Mobilethink, Thomas Yde Frederiksen says that due to their test cooperation alliances with device makers including Windows Phone 7, we prove the value of high quality device management services that enable carriers to welcome any data capable devices to their network.


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