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The Apple iPhone 5 is generating an awful lot of interest as the rumor mills continue to grind with all the latest conjecture and news. Just in the last few days we’ve discussed screen sizes, the likelihood of LTE and an unexpected victim of that and also the next iPhone production, but now we want to turn our attention to the most desirable iPhone 5 additions that many people want.

We’ve been passing on information from leaks and speculation about what possible specs and features may be included on Apple’s iPhone 5 and among the many things that people are expecting are LTE connectivity, a larger display, improved processor and even better camera. However, additions that might be important to some are not so important to others as everyone has different needs and requirements from a smartphone. Luckily an article has attempted to collect some of the add-ons most wanted for the new iPhone and we want to highlight some of those and ask if you agree that these are things you’d like to see included on the iPhone 5.

ZDNet has rounded up the most wanted features and specs for the iPhone 5 in a slide show and also offered some odds on the possibility of these actually coming to fruition. It’s an interesting scenario and of course while nothing can be confirmed it’s interesting to know what the experts think and we’ll be adding our own opinion on the odds.

First off then is something we thing many people will want and are expecting and that’s an improved processor. ZDNet looks to an A6 processor, a step up from the A5X included in the new iPad. However it’s acknowledged that the A5X processor would also be an improvement on the iPhone 4S processor and so rates the chances as 8/10 for a better processor. We’d certainly say an improved processor is pretty much certain and might even up those odds a bit.

Another thing on the ‘most wanted’ list is a slimmer and more ergonomic handset and this is rated with a 5/10 chance. We’ve said before that Apple really needs to come up with a new design for the iPhone 5, especially considering the fact that the iPhone 4S looked exactly the same as its predecessor but leaks on a new design have been scarce and also mixed so this one is anyone’s guess.

Another likely addition is 4G LTE connectivity for the US and this was certainly made more likely after the new iPad became available in an LTE variant. The probability of this is rated as 8/10 and we would have to agree with that although acknowledge that for the vast majority of potential iPhone 5 buyers, this addition won’t be of any importance.

A new operating system, iOS 6, is another wanted extra for the iPhone 5 and ZDNet rates this with a possibility of 9/10. Although we think this will be one of the most desirable additions for many iPhone buyers and agree it’s more likely than not, we’re not sure that we’d put the odds quite that high. We feel this will depend on whether the iPhone 5 comes out as early as the summer, or releases later in the fall.

A stronger glass screen also makes the list and we think this is something many would like to see. The chances are rated 7/10 and anybody who’s ever been unfortunate enough to break the glass of their iPhone will be pleased to see this looks like a possibility.

Others would like to see wireless inductive charging for the iPhone 5 and again we think this would be a really popular move although the chances are only put at 3/10. If Apple adopted this development it would be a real boon to many iPhone users and would be one of those ‘groundbreaking’ ideas that many like to see in a new iPhone iteration. However bearing in mind that many third-party accessory makers would lose out, it may not happen, at least not for the iPhone 5.

An improved camera, possibly stepping up to 10-megapixels would also be hugely popular and chances are 9/10, something we agree with as this looks very likely indeed. With many of us now foregoing our customary cameras for the convenience of using our smartphone cameras, any move to improve the iPhone camera would be highly appreciated.

Other inclusions on the most wanted additions for the iPhone 5 are a wider edge-touching screen, an 8GB model, micro-dock connector, micro-USB port, NFC and more so check out the ZDNet link above for more on those. We’d like to hear from you though about the most important add-ons for the next iPhone. Is there a ‘killer’ addition that would definitely persuade you to purchase the iPhone 5? Maybe you simply won’t buy the iPhone 5 if it comes without something you want to see? Can you add any wanted features or specs for the iPhone 5 to the above items?


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  1. Valkukatov says:

    In my opinion, and this is just an opinion, the best thing that apple can do is start releasing multiple versions of iPhone. I don’t mean the old thing where just the amount of ssd is used but the sizes. Make a five inch phone with the best battery, processor, and camera. Realistically that would make sense because you get a bigger phone where you can fit more awesome stuff. Then the second version would be the regular size with a new design, improved battery and camera, but not as good as the five inch phone. Then the third and last version would be small, about three inches or whatever size the palm was, this version would be best with a day long battery life and just improved technology in a five megapixel camera. This may sound like a hassle but it will bring more people to using the apple product. I personally would get the small version because it has a day long battery and a good quality camera which can still take great pictures.
    Overall though the number one addon must be a much more improved battery ‘life. Upgrading processor won’t matter in my opinion because it is a phone and the advantages to it won’t be much different to what a current iPhone can do, just faster boot times and application opening. A stronger screen and higher resolution would be better than a processor. A new design is a must because it doesn’t represent currently what apple is supposed to be, it just looks like a cassette player or a small external hard drive. Hopefully the new ios will use a lot less battery which will help with the longetivity.

    I will stick for now to my HTC android for now because it is simple and fast for me and apple has not been showing any innovation at all. The iPad 3 is just a huge disappointment, a higher resolution and a faster processor and a slightly thinner pad? Give me something new, something no other tablet has or accomplished, the processor did not make much improvement, the thin has been achieved by other tablets, and now it leaves us with a higher resolution screen does not seem like a worth buying toy. The use of the 4glte network is pointless when you can just use WiFi for cheaper, faster and still unlimited amount of data, especially when there are more WiFi spots in the cities free to use. Sure they are open and unsecured but who cares if its free.

      1. Gav19 says:

        There is always 1 apple moron that has to open his big fat mouth. Val makes a good point and to be honest apple really need to get a grip on this whole secrecy thing and just let people know when products are going to be released, people these days are tied in to lengthy contracts with mobile vendors and naturally they want to upgrade once they are out of contract, so forward planning wouldnt go a miss! As for iPad, each new version is hardly worth waiting a year for! Other than the fact it is an ok Internet tablet I am yet to be convinced of a great use for it, try googling killer app for the iPad, there isn’t one! And in my opinion £500+ to play angry birds is a lot. iOS – where do I start, so we are at version 5, the handset has evolved yet the front end of ios still looks like that of the iPhone 1, I mean do you ever remember your first car, say you have replaced it 4 times since then

        1. Gav19 says:

          But you stuck with same old interior from your first car on your shiny new one! Don’t you think it’s about timethis had a facelift ? Come on apple, widgets for instance? Give me some customisation ability. Ok, here is an important part for you apple fan boys, I run a 3GS and an iPhone 4, I have an iPad 2 and an iPod touch, I’m not opposed to apple and I think their products are desirable and work well, but, they are far from perfect. A bit of common sence and lateral thinking maybe ? Well good luck with the iPhone 5, let’s hope it has a new design and also let’s hope it’s not delayed! I want one but if I have to wait till october I probably won’t want one! (bearing in mind I refused to upgrade my 3GS to the 4s as I have an iPhone 4. Wwdc please 🙂

  2. Sylviana567 says:

    Im in need of a upgrade & my first choose was the Iphone 5.. Most people are getting turned off by the fact that their is still no release date or facts about the official phone. Personally I would love for the Iphone 5 to keep the same shape & size as the Iphone 4s. If not similar most people don’t like huge buggy phones. I REALLY HOPE THAT IPHONE ADDICTS LIKE MYSELF CAN GET A OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE SOON!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Agreed for improved camera – I love iPhone 4s video quality – let’s inch closer and closer to professional grade resolution in our pocket!

  4. Ahock says:

    UMA. Gotta be. The amaount of places I go indoors where I have WiFi but no Cellular this surely has to be on the list. Clearly we are going to get a US only 4G implememtation which is a bit of a bummer as Orange/Tmobile (EE) are now likely to get LTE out on 1800Mhz before the end of the year which would be well cool. Now since 3G is great outdoors but indoors as about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, WiFi calling would be brilliant…please…. Apple.

  5. Sephiroth261 says:

    I’d wanna see complete revamped design, I am sick of the the shape of smart phones today they all look the same, i’d also like the option of a 3d version and some sort of projector like samsung beam

  6. Gazza_25 says:

    I would love to see a better battery and when I open the iPhone box a set of decent earphones rather than the same shite that they handed out with the first iPod. They are uncomfortable? How has no one else picked up on this yet?

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