Pre-order UK Amazon Kindle Touch: Price point

The use of eBooks has rocketed in the last few years with many consumers choosing the platform over hard copies of books. This revolution has been led by eReaders and tablet PCs that has seen many purchase the popular Amazon Kindle eReader device, and today we have news of the Amazon Kindle Touch release date and price.

The company has revealed that it will release the Kindle Touch eReader to consumers in the UK and across Europe on April 27th. The device won’t come cheap though as according to TechRadar the device is now up for pre-order with the 3G version weighing in at £169. The Kindle Touch is the company’s flagship eReader that features e-ink, and according to Amazon the device “with 3G hits a great spot for customers”.

It seems that Amazon are charging a little more for the device in the UK compared to what is charged in the US, as the Wi-Fi only Touch is priced at $99 and the 3G version costs $149. This compares to the pricing just revealed for the UK that is set at £109 and £169 respectively, and at the current currency rates works out at $172 for the Wi-Fi version and $267 for the added 3G.

This price difference can be put down to taxing and also in the US there is an advertising deal where messages are displayed from companies when the screen shuts down. As an Amazon spokesperson explained “The $149 Kindle Touch includes special offers, which are screensavers and deals that are sponsored by a variety of companies”.

The new Kindle Touch has a similar six-inch e-ink screen that is found on the standard Amazon Kindles, but the difference is the touch based capabilities allow the user to turn the page by tapping or a swiping action. When the device is launched in the UK it will be able to display content in both landscape and portrait orientation, and the Wi-Fi Kindle Touch is heavier and larger than the standard Kindle, but can store around 3,000 books compared to 1,400.

While Amazon announced the availability of the Kindle Touch there was no news if the Kindle Fire will be released anytime soon, but only yesterday we told you about some new Kindle tablets that could be in the pipeline, so maybe one of these will be released in the UK.

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