Controlling Star Defender 3 game for Android

Mobile gamers are spoilt for choice when it comes to games available for their mobile device on either the Android or iOS platforms. One of most highly anticipated games Temple Run was launched on the Android platform a couple of days ago, and has been met with mixed reactions so far, and today we have news of Star Defender 3 for Android.

The game now available on Google Play has you needing to get ready to battle your way through wave after wave of alien beasts, and many have been waiting for the game to be released. It is set in 2743 A.D., which is only two years after the last war, but this time the Insectus have been preparing for their next wave of attacks with new tricks to finally defeat you.

This retro type space game will see users blasting their way through eight large missions, which is being promised as the most exciting space shooter game so far. Missiles are just some light fun, but on Star Defender 3 you will also have some mines, lasers, nuclear bombs, lightning, parasitron, piranha, infector, insulator, homing lasers, and ball lightning.

Some of the other features include a new one finger control system, eight large missions with a big boss to defeat at the end of each one, more than one hundred great levels, a bonus system including, Missile Strike, Time Freeze, Immortality, and a unique and addictive gameplay.

The new one fingered control feature seems to be causing some difficulties though as some users that have downloaded the game have found it hard to control, and some have called it stupid. So have you downloaded the game and had trouble controlling it?

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