Email confirmation of HTC Sense site shutting down

If you own an HTC mobile phone you will be aware that the HTC Sense site aka HTCSense.com will be closing its doors in April, well we thought we would bring it to your attention that we have received email confirmation that the site is most definitely shutting down on April 30, 2012.

The email sent to www.phonesreview.co.uk started of with “Dear HTCSense.com customer”, it goes on to say that the site is undergoing a renovation that will improve its services for its customers, and they do state they value their customers.

Until the new services are available many features on its HTCSense.com will be closing, this means if customers use HTCSense.com to sync messages, footprints, contacts or call history, you will be able to download data up until April 30, 2012, after this date all data will not be accessible and will be deleted.

So what should we do then? It is advised that all customers should download your zip file by visiting http://htcsense.com, once you have done this you will then need to log in with your HTCSense.com username and password, then click the ‘Download’ button in the Account Overview section, once this has been done you will get a .zip file containing your data, which will download to your computer for easy viewing.

It is also advised to those wanting phone location or backup services for your device to visit Google Play (formerly Android Market) and download an app that is best suited, would have been nice if they offered a few suggestions of what app to install but they didn’t. However, you can contact HTC Customer Service for further assistance.

HTC do apologize for any inconvenience, once the new improved services are up and running, customers will be notified. Please do let us know what you think of the HTC Sense site shutting down.

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