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If you enjoy playing scrabble or any other word orientated game for that matter, although it isn’t too sportsmanly to cheat at any game, sometimes you simply just have to have a little help when you are stuck, and if you happen to own an Android or iOS device there are a number of mobile applications that will help you cheat at those word games.

So, for those scrabble and word game players out there on the Android and iOS platforms that don’t mind doing a little cheating now and again, we thought we’d bring together a few mobile word game cheat and help apps for your consideration, so we’ll kick off with those Android apps…

First up we have the Scrabble Helper app for Android, an app that supports over six differing Android scrabble games in seven languages, and is an anagram tool designed to find the best playable words for such games as Scrabble, Words by Post, Word Game, DroidWords, Words With Friends, Word Mix, WordWise and WordSmith.

The Scrabble Helper app allows the gamer to enter up to 12-rack letters including 4 board letters, 2 blanks, and even double and triple letter scores, search to extend existing words or cross multiple board letters such as B??D, and runs in the apps bar for quick access within a game. The Scrabble Helper app can be downloaded to your Android device for free from Google Play.

Next up we have the Word Breaker (Scrabble Cheat) app for Android, again a mobile app that helps gamers with such word games as Scrabble, Jamble, Upwords, Words With Friends, Wordstone, Wordsmith, Words by Post and even crossword puzzles.

The Word Breaker (Scrabble Cheat) app deliver fast word searches, a quick launch button, supports blank cards (wild cards), filter results based on word length, the ability to move to the SD card, and access the local dictionary with definitions accessed via the Internet. The Word Breaker (Scrabble Cheat) app can be downloaded as a free app from Google Play.

Then there is the Word Cheat app for Android, an application that can help gamers beat their friends in such word games as Scrabble, WordFeud, Words With Friends, or any other word based game, and apparently guarantees a win every time.

The Word Cheat app contains all the same words as Words With Friends, and allows for blank tiles, and you can click on a word to add it to the notifications bar and overlay that word to play on Words With Friends and WordFeud. The Word Cheat app can be downloaded to your Android device from Google Play for free.

Moving on to the iOS platform we have the Word Finder app, an application that enables the gamer to find and check words in such word games as Scrabble and Words With Friends, and allows the gamer to place tiles in their rack, including blanks, check if a word is valid, and enter existing words on a board that you would like to attach to.

The Word Finder app for iOS devices doesn’t require an Internet connection, enables the gamer to find all possible words, ordered by word length or score, the ability to look up a definition on the Internet, and find all possible words that could attach to a word. The Word Finder app for iOS is available to download from iTunes at a cost of $1.99.

Lastly we have the Ultimate Word Finder Free app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and will help the user to find the best scoring word on any Words With Friends game, the app only generates anagrams with rack tiles, and will find every single possible move on any Words With Friends game.

The Ultimate Word Finder Free app enables the gamer to discover up to 10,000 unique plays for each board, save up to 32 board simultaneously, automatic board saves, and gain the highest possible scoring word from any board. The Ultimate Word Finder Free app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.


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