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There are a vast number of games available that may not have the best graphics and other features, but they still receive a high number of fans, which is mainly down to fun but addictive game play. Recent Android release Temple Run or firm favourite Angry Birds have managed to gain a huge following thanks to their simple but engaging game play. Today we have news of popular Xbox Live and PC title Super Meat Boy is heading to mobile devices soon.

According to an article over at GameSpot UK the developers of the game, Team Meat, has officially announced that an iOS version of the popular platform game will be completely rebuilt for playing on touchscreen mobile devices.

The new version will be called Super Meat Boy: The Game, and will be a feature length touch controlled platform game, which according to the developer has been “specifically” built for touch devices, and will also come packing brand new art and sound.

Back in February this year Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat revealed that they had already begun working on a prototype of the popular indie game for touch devices, but at the time they were both unsure if a mobile version of Super Meat Boy would actually become a reality.

Then this weekend the team revealed that an iOS version was coming via the official Team Meat blog, and said it won’t just be a bad port of the current game “with non-tactile buttons spread all over the screen blocking the players view and making for frustrating controls”.

There was no release date given for the games release but according to an article on Byte Now the team has also announced via Twitter the game won’t be exclusive to the iOS platform, which may mean an Android version as well.

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