Funky iCrayon stylus for iPhone & iPad

If you happen to own an iOS smartphone or tablet and are becoming a tad bored with using your finger to do things on your screen, there is a new iOS accessory out there that harkens back to those kindergarten days when you used to use crayons for your drawing or colouring, and that accessory is the iCrayon Stylus for the iPhone and Apple iPad.

The iCrayon Stylus comes in the form of an old school crayon that is designed to interact with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad touch screen and apparently conducts better than using your finger.

The iCrayon Stylus enables you to draw and play on your iOS device, and is perfect for touch-typing, or for using with drawing programs, whilst keeping your touch screen free from fingerprints, and is quite handy if you wish to use the touch screen whilst wearing gloves.

The iCrayon Stylus is made of silicone, are lightweight and deceptively realistic, and looks and feels just like the crayons you used when at school, however it is not advised that you allow under three year-olds to use the iCrayon Stylus due to a choking hazard.

So if you fancy a little bit of nostalgia, and some old school drawing fun and games with your iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, you can purchase the iCrayon Stylus from the Thumbs Up World website, although as for how much the iCrayon Stylus will set you back, I have no idea, as they haven’t placed the price on the product page.


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