Phones 4 U Gnomes 4u mobile signal boosters

Today Phones 4u has announced the launch of a brand new range of technology advanced garden gnomes that apparently use their bodies to boost a mobile mobile signal, and is called aptly enough Gnomes 4u. As of yesterday the 1st of April, in celebration of the innovative ornaments Phones 4u has rebranded their top stores as Gnomes 4u.

Gnomes 4u are signal boosters that are portable and deliver extra mobile signal, even in the most remote of locations and indoors and out, and are great for taking on a camping holiday or when you attend a music festival, and features secret aerials disguised as a typical garden gnome.

The gnome mobile signal boosters come holding a fishing rod, spade, rake or even an accordion, and can also pick up on home WiFi and project it through what Phones 4u deems “beardband,” that enables the user to browse and work in their garden in summer.

Apparently for reality TV and celebrity fans, the Gnomes 4u collection also includes a limited edition very important gnome (VIG) range, that can be purchased from the Gnomes 4u flagship store in Oxford Street as of the 1st of April.

Apparently, the gnomes are set to be the must have outside accessory for the summer, and the collection is available from selected Phones 4u stores across the United Kingdom, and command a price tag of £74.99, and we have a video fo Gnomes 4u for your viewing consideration below.

Just one tiny thing, don;t you think that although we heard about this via an email from Phones 4u, one does have to consider that as the 1st of April is mentioned quite a bit, no doubt this is an April Fools joke by Phones 4u, anyway enjoy the video.

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