Reviewing the HTC One X: Worthy contender

I’m sure that most know that the latest smartphone offering out of the HTC camp is the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich HTC One series of handsets, the HTC One X, HTC One, S and HTC One V smartphones, and if you are one of the Android faithful pondering on whether to pick up one of these handsets, we have a review video of the HTC One X for your viewing consideration below that might go some way to helping you come to a decision.

The HTC One X video review comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Slash Gear, who have also done a lengthy in-depth written review of the One X over on their website, but if you simply don’t have time to check out that full written review, you can check out the video footage below.

The HTC One X is the main contender in the HTC One series, but with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 looming on the horizon, does the HTC One X stand a chance?

The HTC One X comes packing a 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD2 touch screen that is crisp and bright, whilst the curved glass edges resemble the Nokia Lumia 800, and is roughly the same length as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but a tad broader, and unlike the Galaxy Nexus the HTC One X sports touch sensitive home, app switcher and back keys.

The HTC One X runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, but is woven with latest version of HTC Sense, and apparently the 3D home screen widgets have now gone and replaced with a cleaner range that is more in keeping with Android ICS.

Anyway, you don’t really want to hear what I have to say, as I’m sure you’d much rather head on down to mash that play button and check out the video review if you haven’t already done so, so I’ll leave it right there and let you get to it…enjoy.


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