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Yesterday Debbie wrote a comprehensive article covering the iPhone 5 and its rumour round-up, but looking at the comments on this article and previous articles we have published we thought we would talk about one major factor, will Apple release a new iPhone 5 or will they just release a “New iPhone” just like the new iPad with better features.

We have all heard about what is rumoured to be coming with the iPhone 5 once Apple gets round to delivering the iOS smartphone, but whether any of those speculated features actually arrive remains to be seen, as I am sure everyone knows that Apple will only reveal when they are good and ready and up until then it’s all guess work.

As with all things Apple, the run up to a launch of a new device is always surrounded by hype, Apple obviously love the hype associated with their devices, whilst customers can usually do without all the hype and would much rather know for sure what a device will offer.

One of those rumours is of course that Apple will go with ‘new’ for the next iPhone, as they did with the new iPad, and wont actually call the next iPhone the iPhone 5, which might cause a bit of a problem when it comes to releasing another new iPad or new iPhone later on, but no doubt the iOS faithful will still know which handset or tablet is coming.

Personally I think Apple should have stuck with the numbering game, such as iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, but no doubt others are of a different opinion as the numbering can get somewhat lengthy the further you move along, such as the iPhone 10, iPhone 11 and so on. However simply naming a device new, just doesn’t seem to cut it, as if the iPhone 5 is the new iPhone, what will the iPhone 6 be, the new, new iPhone, or perhaps the new iPhone A?

Imagine for a minute what confusion there would be if every smartphone and tablet maker decided to simple name their products ‘new’, the ‘new Samsung Galaxy’, the ‘new Motorola Droid’, the ‘new HTC One,’ and so on, I’m pretty sure everyone would be somewhat confused as and when new devices surfaced if all were simply called ‘new.’

So what we’d like to do today is ask our readers what they think Apple will release this year, the new iPhone or the iPhone 5 or perhaps an iOS smartphone with another name, what do you think? Feel free to express your opinions to our comments area below.


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