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There have been a few rumours lately concerning a new Android slate that might come from the Google guys called the Google Nexus tablet, and now an image has surfaced on the net waves that could potentially be the first picture of the Google Nexus tablet, although the picture came without any content to claim it is the real deal.

The guys over at Pocket Now discovered the tablet image, and say that based on the visual clues they think this picture stands a good chance of being the previously rumoured 7-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich Google Nexus tablet.

Those visual clues are that this tablet image only depicts icons of Google products and there is no third-party clutter that one would expect on a Motorola or Samsung slate, and the pictured tablet is basically an Android experience one would expect from a Google tablet.

The other visual clues the guys say are the 4AM time along with the Android 4.0 soft keys are identical to that found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However they also say that there are some suspicious details in the image as well.

The suspicion here is that the rumoured Google Nexus tablet is supposed to be a 7-inch slate whilst this picture looks to resemble a 10-inch tablet, and another nagging point is that the tablet shows the old Android Market icon rather than the new Google Play icon, however it is possible the image was made before the Market changed to Play.

However, the guys over at Android Community have piped in on the matter of this suspected Nexus tablet, and say that although there are some differences, there are more similarities to a 7.7-inch Toshiba slate seen during CES, and that this image could simple be of that Toshiba tablet.

Obviously the speculation will continue over the Google Nexus tablet, as we don’t have any real hard specifications or release time frame, but if this picture is the real deal more info should surface in the not too distant future. So what do our readers think, could this be the first picture of the Google Nexus tablet?


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