The forgotten iTunes with Android via app

Music WithMe is a great app that allows Android users to wirelessly sync iTunes between your phone and desktop, we have had many emails asking about iTunes with Android and even though this app has been out for a while we decided to talk about the forgotten application.

The free application will allow you to effortlessly transfer all your music across from iTunes to your Android mobile device, and users are not restricted to only syncing playlists as you can sync via Artist, Album, or Playlist in iTunes.

It works both ways as well allowing you to automatically sync back your music to iTunes, and users also have the option of searching for new music via Twitter. Music WithMe will search through Twitter for music that is being shared and will show you in real time, once added to your Twitter account you will be able to see the music your friends share.

If you discover someone that shares music you like users can use the app to Tune In to their music, and if you don’t like your friends music you can simply tune them out. Another feature of the application is that there is no uploading required, as long as the other users has synced the same song, your music doesn’t need to be uploaded.

You will never have to worry about getting your music onto your Android device again as one simple check will sync all of your music. Music WithMe requires Android 2.1 or later and you have to install a Mac or Windows helper app and login with Facebook Connect. The app now makes sharing your music with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS really easy. To find out more head over to Google Play.

Are there any other applications you know about that covers iTunes on Android?

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