Instagram for Android hits 1m milestone in a day

After somewhat of a long wait the Instagram app finally made an appearance on the Android platform yesterday, and it appears that the photography app is already seeing quite a bit of success with the Android faithful as apparently the application has already reached that one million downloads milestone in just a day of being released.

Well actually hitting that 1 million downloads milestone took less that 24 hours according to the guys over at The Next Web, and really it isn’t all that surprising that the app has hit that one million downloads considering all the fuss about Instagram coming to Google Play and basically because it is a free download.

Of course the iOS version of Instagram has seen a huge amount of download, but if the Android version keeps up the pace it has been seeing it would surprise if it surpassed the iOS version in the not too distant future, but of course that remains to be seen.

Apparently when Instagram hit Google Play the service saw some 2,000 sign ups per minute, which no doubt will insure the app is one of the biggest releases in Android’s history.

However, according to a recent report by my colleague Gary, it appears that the iOS faithful aren’t too happy about Instagram coming to the Android faithful and many are turning to Twitter to reveal their annoyance as apparently there are those that think Instagram should be an iOS exclusive.

Well too bad, because Instagram has now come to Android and in a big way, so those iOS users that are moaning can just go on moaning because it simply isn’t going to change anything. So if you are one of the Android faithful that hasn’t yet grabbed Instagram you can do so for free by hitting up Google Play.

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